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Complete Office Telecommunications Solution

 Does your business need a low cost telephone solution? Need to reduce monthly expenses? How about eliminating long distance costs?

 Looking to avoid costly hardware replacement?

 Need easy and low cost expansion?

 Want to include several locations in your main number? [home & work offices, travelling users?]


*A six-user setup, you get telephone system operation with the calling features listed here, monthly local telephone network services, and no extra cost outbound calling to anywhere in Canada or the U.S.

-All for less than the cost of a normal business line!

 There is no on site central telephone equipment (KSU) to purchase, maintain, or to become obsolete and need replacement.

 Easy to expand by adding telephones, up t o 99 users.

 Include everyone: Your people can be in the same office or at different locations.

How It Works: Your main number answers with a personalized auto attendant greeting. Callers then select an extension and their call is transferred for live answer. Each extension also has its own voicemail with local and remote access. Each user has a call display speakerphone. A main inbound fax to email number is also provided. Outbound calls are made to anywhere in Canada and the U. S. at no extra cost. Voicemail to email messaging an d per user inbound fax to email is available.


 A setup fee applies and it varies per site. The speaker phones are purchased an d require cab les and A. C. power. Setup cost is estimated without obligation. High speed Internet access is required. The included network service terms and conditions apply. Taxes are extra if applicable..



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