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Our people are hard at work on a number of projects. One of our first projects was our own web site, which will continue to evolve as we grow. A partial list of some of the projects undertaken by us are:

Building interactive web presence for:

A Muscat based trading company

A large trading company in New Jersey


A India based Recruitment Management Company as well as developing web applications to simplify recruitment activities


Building an interactive community and exchange for the Indian community in North America

Below we list down some of our projects in the Business Applications arena:


Operational Process Automation and Tracking System for a courier company.

The system has been developed to completely automate the operations of a courier company, operating on the hub-and-spoke methodology.

It includes the following: Client-end applications developed over Visual Basic, interfacing with local Access Database, or LAN based SQL Server Database. Central Server for communications, archiving, web-interface and legacy system interface developed in Java over Linux with Oracle database Communication Interfaces developed in Java running on both the client and the server end.

The system would be deployed on hundreds of locations around the country and would facilitate complete automation of all processes right from pick-up and routing to delivery and finally, billing. It would also offer a web-interface to the customers of the courier company to allow them to track their packages.




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