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Video Production:
We have a fully equipped experienced video production staff to help you produce your corporate, sales, training or promotional video, from initial concept to staging, production, editing and broadcast. Our employees pride themselves on the quality of their work. However, presently, this service is available only in Greater Toronto Area only.


Video Streaming:

According to a study by Real Networks, 86 Percent of website visitors stay to listen to and/or watch a streaming media presentation. Marketing with video media was shown to produce response rates of up to 60 percent, compared to just 0.1 percent for print media. Letting your business grow quickly, and giving you the ability to compete with other larger companies.



l  Increased sales - Let customers easily order on-line, allowing you to fill the

    customers' orders faster, and increase your output.

l  Saving money - Reduce the number of calls to customer service for things that    

    could easily be explained and/or demonstrated with streaming video.

l  Creating excitement about your products - Allows you a give the customers and/or

    clients some background on the company, products, or services provided. Showing

    examples and/or the benefits of the particular product you are trying to sell.

l  Product demonstration - Gives you the ability to show a customer how the product

    is best used rather than a written description that maybe confusing to some.

l  Instructions - Allows you to address common misunderstandings with the product,

    whether in usage or assemble, so that your customer service department can deal

    with bigger issues.

l  Tours - Give tours of your business. Whether a hotel or a corporation, video

    streaming allows you to show and reach potential clients and investors around the

    world easily and at a much lower cost than traditional methods.

l  Corporate announcements - Use audio or video clips of satisfied customers to

    promote your products or services.

l  Customer service - Allows your clients and customers to talk face to face with a

    customer rep. instead of talking to a faceless corporation or business, and see that

    their problems and/or questions are being addressed then and there.


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