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Technology Competency

It has worked extensively for its various clients in the following technology areas:

l  Web-Based Development

l  System/Embedded Software

l  Web Services

l  Video Surveillance Solutions

l  Application Packaging Services

l  Client Server Applications


Web-Based Development

We have a significant amount of expertise creating scalable, high-performance enterprise level applications/components using the latest web-based technologies available. Our specialties include .NET - C#/VB, Java/EJB/Corba, SOAP, XML/XSL, and WAP to name a few. We are also very familiar with many open source languages.


System/Embedded Software

Over the past few years, we have built up some significant expertise in developing systems and embedded software solutions for many clients within varying industries. Our experience spans a large array of platforms, operating systems, and real-time development tools.

Some of the areas where our systems/embedded group have worked extensively include:


l  RTOS - Embedded Linux, Windows CE, VxWorks, etc. Kernel customizations,

    application porting, etc.

l  RTOS porting for various embedded systems including application migration.

l  Firmware development (including device drivers).

l  Custom Application Development.


Web Services

We have established a high level of expertise and success in the web services area and are continually making investments to further strengthen our position in this growing area. Our consultants in the Web Services Solutions group have a solid understanding of the web services market and have strong expertise in XML based technologies. We have enabled many enterprises to successfully deploy web services that support mission-critical systems and business processes.
Video Surveillance Solutions.

Our development team has been involved in many projects involving video processing, monitoring and security. We have come to the aid of many customers in the development of systems/sub-systems based on standards like MPEG, ITU, ISO/IEC etc. Some of the projects we have undertaken in this area include;


l  Development and enhancement of Digital Video Management System including

    video surveillance systems and internet support.

l  Development using MPEG-2/MPEG-4 decoders.

l  Development of a product for analysis/debugging of encoded DVD streams.

l  Development of video capture and encoding utilities.


Application Packaging Services

We also provide installation engineering services to our clients.
These services include:


l  MSI based installations

l  Build process automation

l  Update deployment automation

l  Application and platform conflict resolution

l  Platform migration


Client Server Applications

Our experience working with enterprise-level multi-tier applications on a variety of platforms in a distributed computing environment is second to none. For many of our clients, we have developed numerous client/server applications on proven platforms including SQL Server, Oracle and other ODBC compliant databases and


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