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The Virtual Call Center

The ROYAL MARKET INC. Virtual Call Center is a solution for organizations that need a call center solution today, and would like an alternative to investing in a traditional, hardware based call center and or complete outsourcing of the call center and agents. The ROYAL MARKET INC. VCC system allows agents to work from home, head office or remote office. The VCC system only requires an agent to have a phone line for voice routing calls, a high speed or LAN Internet connection and the toll-free or local call center phone numbers. For a small monthly fee per agent, the client firm can have their agents live within 5 to 10 business days, and instant additions when adding new agents to the existing contract.
Traditional office phones systems and call centers can experience difficulty distributing large peaks of calls in response to marketing campaigns, product inquires, peak traffic, recalls and other events. The ROYAL MARKET INC. VCC solution can quickly add relief agents with no equipment or Telco service provisioning. These agents can then return to their regular tasks and the client firm had benefited by instant agent deployment , with zero equipment purchases and zero additional voice lines.
Other benefits of the solution to the client firm are those of home-based agents. Home-based agents can improve issues of high agent turn over and employee satisfaction. Home-based agents carry the additional benefit of office space cost savings for those firms that pay rental fees on a per square foot basis.

How the ROYAL MARKET INC. VCC Solution works

The only new elements, versus a traditional PBX/ACD system, are the expansion of the LAN or local CTI link to the Internet, and the use of the PSTN instead of local wiring on the customer premises. By using the Internet as the medium to communicate data base information to the agents, agents can be located at remote locations, and still have the same operational features as a traditional call center.
There are suites of reports that cover most needs of a call center agent/group performance for current client base. These reports are available both online or in MS Word, Adobe Acrobat, Text file and other document format. The ROYAL MARKET INC. VCC solution is customizable to meet any reporting needs on any queue, agent or desired factors.

How does Royal Market VCC compare with a traditional call center?
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